Saturday, 29 December 2018

Know when and how will you die?

Hello friends, Jai Guru Dev, Namo Nikhil! Friends who have come into this world will go, this is a bitter truth! But mortality is still a mystery to mankind! When will the death come, how will it come, every human wants to know! Friends, today's my article is about this topic!

If there is a defect in both hands in the lifeline, the heart line, and the brain: in the line, there is a complete possibility of death at that age! Apart from this, there is a defect in both hands in any one line, even then, There is a possibility of this: Sometimes it is possible in the case of an active hand's lifeline, brain line, or even a heavy flaw in the heart.

Apart from this, if the heart line and fortune line go up to the master, the line of the second knuckle of the middle finger is cut into three lines, then the person's death is likely to be on the pilgrimage site in Bhatapa! If the end of the lifeline is towards the moon mountain And if a branch goes to the marmalade! And there is a cross mark on the moon mountain, then the person's death is likely to happen during the journey! If there is a contaminated triangle on the marmalade, then the person's death The name will be far from the place! If the lifeline is going up to the moon mountain and if a branch of the fate line goes up to Marsal mountain, then the person's death will be abroad! If the brain line is weak, and it is cutting another line, If there is a til mark on the lifeline and the Mars line, then the person's death is likely to be in jail! Besides, a formula works even more! Divide the length of lifeline into three parts: Layer: If there is the defect in the part, the cause of T-mat will be related to face and neck! If there is a defect in the second part, then the death will be from cine to navel! If there is a defect in Antium, then due to the death, there will be a hereditary disease!

If the Guru and Mars are innocent in the hands of human beings, the lifeline, the brain line, the heart line is superior, then the mortal of the human being will also be superior. When will it be known that when it went away!

If the lifeline is finally divided into two parts, then the person's pearl will be due to swan-related diseases! If black mole and star signs appear on the brain line, then the person will be born with brain hemorrhoids! If a woman has a defect in the mercury line If there is any fault in the other line, or if there is a fault in any of the lines, then there will be a possibility of the birth of a grandmother due to childbirth! On the third day of Madhyama, there will be a sign of a star on the thumb, a fast or a sign of a bow, in such a way, the person's death is likely to be from a weapon! If the moon and the brain are on the line If the mark is visible, then the birth of a Jupiter is possible during the abdominal oscillation! If the trail of a triangle is seen on the first festival of the median, then the person's death is caused by a violent animal. If there is a corrupted goal line from Venus to the moon, the brain line goes up to the lunar mountain, if there is a cross or trace on the moon, then it is possible to be able to be drowning in the trap of the native! If a woman If there is a scar of marks between Mars, many are Venus, and if the lifeline is very thin at the end, then the mantra will be matched with adultery (rape)! If you look at the nail of the middleman, If you have a straight line from thumb to guru, there is a trail of stars in a big triangle or a pariah, a fault in the lifeline, the heart line is chained, the brain line is small or weak, the fate line or the Saturn mountain On the cross, the brain line goes from within the lifeline, if the lifeline is broken, and there is a cross mark in the middle of the palm, the zodiac's death will be hanging!

Friends, hope you like this article today, but if you have a complaint or suggestion then thank you in the comment box!

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After the course, mother tongue Panchanguli sadhana will also be confined to all the people!

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