Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Your Health and Disease According to palmistry

People say hello jai guru dev na namo nikhilan! Friends, a saying is the first happiness, healthy work, the pleasure of being in the house, Maya means, if the person's health is good then the person is in poverty It can also cut life with ease, but if the health is not good then the money is also of no use! That is why today we will talk about  health! If we know from time to time what time in our body Or so seems likely to a disease we can work the effect of taking the time and care that problem! So guys be studied from that of ours hands closely, we can avoid many diseases! First of all, for the best health, study the color of your hands. For the best health, the color of the hand is pink! If the color of the hand has started to yellow, then understand that there is an abdominal related disease in our body. If the color of the hand is too red then there is the possibility of blood disorder! Before changing the color of the hands, the blood of the fingers of the blood changes, so all the fingertips of the first hand should be studied. For the best health, the good-sized hands, the color of the hand is pink, the color of the nails is also pink. , Lines in hand, lifeline, brain line, and heart line are superficial and defectless, there should be no best line in hand or not at all! The last part of the lifeline is great! Be strong and do not have any evil marks on any mountain! Also, the thumb is strong too! If there is such a sign in hand then the health of the person will be very good! If lifeline is thin, nails are black, yellow or dark red If there is a smear, then this is a sign of disease! If the heart line is very pearl, it is chained, the force is fine, the island is on the heart line, the heart line is broken, then there is the possibility of having diseases such as Junk Heart disease, swine-related disease, pneumonia, asthma! If the lunar mountain is pressed, if there is a trap or cross on the moon mountain, there is a trap on the higher Mars, then the jatak is related to the throat disease, the moon is suppressed, the island or the star on the moon, at the beginning or end of the brain line There is a sign of white dot! There is a defect in the heart line, so there is a possibility of having a disease related to the kidneys! Friends, hope that today's information will be very useful for you! Thanks
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